PRIORITEYES Mascara: The Vision Behind Every Detail.

At OKKIYO, we believe in beauty that's more than skin deep.

That's why we created PRIORITEYES Mascara, a product that embodies our ethos—combining scientific innovation, meticulous craftsmanship, and a deep respect for individual needs.

PRIORITEYES Mascara boasts a clean formula with over 90% natural ingredients. Our selection includes Australian Manuka honey renowned for its soothing properties, and a blend of orange, mandarin, and goji berry extracts that condition and nourish your lashes and the sensitive skin around your eyes.

The Creation Process

Our journey began in the lab, where PRIORITEYES was put through rigorous in vitro testing to evaluate its potential for eye irritation. Unlike standard procedures, we chose to conduct extensive tests that many others skip, ensuring the mascara’s utmost safety. We passed these tests with distinction, but we didn't stop there.

We moved from the lab to real-world conditions, conducting a clinical trial with participants who had confirmed sensitive eyes. For 28 days, these individuals wore PRIORITEYES Mascara daily, while an independent ophthalmologist performed both subjective and objective evaluations. The results were clear: no increase in eye irritation, with specific attention to symptoms like watery eyes, dilated blood vessels, and foreign body sensations. The definitive conclusion was that our mascara is not only well-tolerated but also ophthalmologically vetted as safe for sensitive eyes.

Okkiyo - a play on the Italian word for eye - occhio.

Packaging with Purpose

PRIORITEYES Mascara's innovative square packaging, complete with braille, addresses the practicalities of vision changes over time. It's designed for ease and assurance, so you can focus on enhancing your natural beauty without second-guessing your comfort.

For the generation that values quality and cares deeply about conscious consumption, PRIORITEYES Mascara is more than a beauty product—it's a statement of care, a symbol of ageless allure, and a testament to the elegance that comes with experience. Welcome to OKKIYO, where every product is a portrait of passion, designed with you in mind.

 OKKIYO is also committed to accessibility for our customers; that’s why we’re one of the first Australian brands with NaviLens featured on our products – and that’s just the beginning.