Not just approved by an ophthalmologist; created by one.

I’m Dr Jacqueline Beltz, leading Australian Ophthalmologist, make up enthusiast, and founder of OKKIYO.

Through knowledge, skills, research, and commitment, I have established a strong worldwide reputation in ophthalmology. My passion for eye health has developed over almost two decades in the industry. I’m a cataract, corneal transplant,and laser refractive surgeon, and am accustomed to treating vision threatening conditions every day. I’ve always questioned the teaching within my industry that people with eye conditions should just avoid make up. Make up is empowering, fun, and important for self-expression. I believe it should be enjoyed by everyone who wants to wear it.

At OKKIYO we’re consciously designing products to be safe by avoiding irritants typical of popular products, and including ingredients that are good for the eyes, making them easier to pull off the shelf for use with confidence, without needing a second thought.

You can have sensitive eyes, and good make up.

Maybe you are nervous about using make up because of past reactions, recent eye surgery, dry eye, blepharitis or other conditions affecting your eyes. Maybe the effort isn’t worth it because treatment that keeps your eyes healthy and comfortable only ruins your make up moments after applying it. Or perhaps you think it's too silly to ask an Ophthalmologist if you can use make up, because it isn't important. But it is important! Make up isn't just about looking beautiful; it's about feeling powerful, in control and strong - all things you deserve to feel no matter whether you have just had eye surgery, or are just having a bad day. OKKIYO can give you that.

Okkiyo - a play on the Italian word for eye - occhio.

A full eye regimen you can trust.

Together with a natural chemist and some of the best cosmetics labs in the world, I developed OKKIYO - make up and skincare products you can pull from the shelf, and know they’ll be less likely to increase your sensitivities or flare up painful pre-existing conditions. With no unnecessary irritants, and a formula that is non-flaking, effective and beautiful, the entire OKKIYO range will make you feel confident in both the product and the way that you look.


OKKIYO is also committed to accessibility for our customers; that’s why we’re one of the first Australian brands with NaviLens featured on our products – and that’s just the beginning.