Dr Jacqueline Beltz has been thinking about eyes her whole life.   She completed medical school in Tasmania in 2000 and Ophthalmology training in Victoria in 2009.  Jacqueline did 2 extra years of sub-specialty training in corneal transplantation with one of those years spent living, working and learning in Italy. 

More recently she completed a Masters of Surgical Education.  Jacqueline spends a lot of time teaching, learningand working in her field.  She frequently presents her work on the local, national and international stage, has published many research papers and text-book chapters, runs an education platform for her peers and trainees called GENEYE and has a podcast.  She remains one of the top corneal transplant surgeons in Victoria and holds many leadership positions.  Jacqueline works full time in ophthalmology with 75% of her time dedicated to public practice at Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, Melbourne and 25% to private practice at Eye Surgery Associates.  She also holds an honorary appointment with Centre for Eye Research Australia. 

Jacqueline is passionate about not only delivering the highest quality care for her patients, but in training the next generation to be even better as well as collaborating with and encouraging her peers.  She cares about equality, accessibility and encouraging a safer work culture for doctors.  On top of that Jacqueline is a mother to a strong and confident 7 year oldgirl Betsy, wife to P.G.A. golf professional Robert Stock, and dog mum to toy poodle Pearl Jewels.  She loves fashion and beauty, travel, sports, chocolate and champagne.

Through OKKIYO Jacqueline combines her passions – these products are developed from her heart as she strives to help others feel strong, powerful and confident.